About US

The Origin

Established in 2018. The story of Petite Valley originated from the experience of living in U.S.A where the creator rediscovered the long lost important part of life - the reunion of one's mind and soul with nature through an enjoyable lifestyle.


While it is easier to live a materialized lifestyle based on modern developments, the well-developed western countries have relived their dream to return to nature to seek calmness in body and soul. Through the use of natural body care products, glowing skin reappears and the body feels refreshed. The integration of small pieces of furnishing made of natural elements harmonizes modern home decor with the scenic surroundings in U.S.A. The root of Petite Valley grew from the idea that unique and personalized natural body care products and furnishing can be produced with authentic ingredients to result in the highest quality. The first Petite Valley product was produced under our brand name "Petite Valley" and sold to the local community in New York of United States. The public was excited about the products and the responses and feedbacks were very encouraging.


The variety of personal care, home furnishings and gift ideas grew in time to allow women and men of all ages, cultural backgrounds and characteristics to find their favorite products which fits their lifestyles. Enhancing your existing lifestyle is not a conquest to change your schedule and habits but a fun experience of simplifying your lifestyle and purifying your soul. With this ambition in mind, Petite Valley offers natural, enjoyable elements to promote maintaining a healthy lifestyle and pleasant home.


Our customer service department and distribution center are thoroughly integrated in order to facilitate our various customer needs. Consequently orders arrive accurately and on time. In addition, our sales and marketing team quickly identifies popular trends and reacts to the marketplace, making certain our product stays current and becomes a best-selling program for our customers. Superior product quality, exclusive licenses and dedication to customer service are guaranteed.